Prepare your move with calm, confidence, and connection!

An international move can be hard, overwhelming, exciting, and nerve-wracking – all at once.

You might go through a roller coaster of emotions that hinder your ability to make conscious decisions and hold you hostage to fear and thoughts of “what if”…

And you wish you could share all this with people who get you - understand what you are goplace – all this happening at the same time can be quite daunting.

You feel torn between the excitement of starting a new life and leaving loved ones and not knowing when you’ll be able to see each other again.

When you look at all the things to do, the new language to learn, new customs and habits… You’re both thrilled and anxious at the same time.

And you wish you could share all this with people who get you - understand what you are going through!

Does this sound like you?

"When you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Benjamin Franklin

You know there’s a better way to do things, but you don’t know how.

You feel the overwhelm sometimes gets the best of you.

You find yourself scattered and feeling excited and anxious at the same time.

Are you ready to turn confusion into

unshakable confidence?

Here is how I can help.

I have lived in 5 different countries on 3 continents.

I have been an expat for over 40 years (and counting...).

I have made my share of mistakes when preparing to move to a new country. As an expat coach and intercultural psychologist, I have helped dozens of clients prepare their move abroad - single, couples, and whole families.

The struggles are real and can take a toll. But there are solutions and tools to help you prepare your move in a mindful and positive way.

I created this program so you can have access to the tools that have helped me, and my clients prepare for a move abroad with utmost clarity so you have the right mind space to make all the right decisions.

With This Course

While you probably know why you want to move, in this course you will go beyond the obvious and clarify what you want to move for. This is the first step to envision and create your best transition and life abroad.

You’ll learn tools to deal with the overwhelm and anxiety of all the moving parts in an international relocation. You’ll be able to reduce the overwhelm and tackle all the tasks with focus and calm.

Learning a new language can be a daunting task. You’ll design the a learning goals that are relevant to you. You’ll also find out what resources are the best for your learning style so you can power up your progress.

When it comes to packing there are emotional and logistic aspects that play an important part. You’ll develop your unique game plan when it comes to deciding what to take and what to leave while taking every family member’s needs into account.

You’ll learn how to create a sense of home anywhere you are. With some simple techniques, you’ll tap into your concept of home and know which elements are important for you to feel grounded and supported in your new surroundings.

You’ll learn some of the most common mistakes expats make when moving abroad, and more importantly, how to avoid these pitfalls, so you create your best life abroad – anywhere you go!

  • Settling in Cheat Sheet - downloadable pdf + video tutorial
  • How to Decide Where to Live Masterclass
  • Live workshop "Strategize Your Language Learning"

Course curriculum

Introduction to the course

Introduction to the course

Meet Your Trainer

Pre-training survey

Introduce yourself and connect!

Important Tips

Book Your 1:1 Call

Module 1 - Practical Things You Must Do

Module Introduction

What do you need to move - first steps

Organization is the name of the game

Preparing Financially

A Framework to Focus your Research

How to Tackle the Overwhelm

Module 2 - Why Planning is Crucial

Module Introduction

How to Know What You’re Moving For

What is Expat Failure and How to Avoid It

Why it’s Important to Prepare Emotionally

How to Find Your WHAT FOR

Guided Meditation - Find your WHAT FOR

Module 3 - Friends and Family: Letting Go and Creating New Bonds

Module Introduction

How to Tell Family and Friends

Expat Guilt: What Is It?

Expat Guilt: How to Deal With It - and Avoid It

Say Your Goodbyes

Start Making Friends Now

The Power of Gratitude

Module 4 - Learn to Communicate in the New Language

Module Introduction

Why do You Want to Learn?

Create Your Language Learning Goal

Is Your Goal Realistic?

Identify Your Blind Spots

Find the Best Resources

Module 5 - How to Decide What to Pack and What to Leave

Module Introduction

Why Decluttering is Important

Create Your Game Plan

Decide What to Keep and What to Leave – Practical Objects

Decide What to Keep and What to Leave – Emotional Objects

Weigh Your Options

What To Do with The Things You Leave Behind

Things You Should NEVER Ship or Put in Storage

Module 6 - Creating Your New Home

Module Introduction

How to choose your new house

How to Organize Your Search for a New House

Prepare to Settle In

What is Home for You?

How to Create Your Home Anywhere You Are

How to Create Home Anywhere - Guided Meditation

Module 7 - Understanding Cultural Adjustment

Module Introduction

The Typical Phases of Cultural Adjustment

What is Culture Shock?

How to Know if You’re Suffering from Culture Shock

How to Overcome Culture Shock

What To Do When You Can’t Have a Proper Honeymoon (COVID)

Module 8 - The Phases of a Transition

Module Introduction

The Difference Between Change and Transition

The Phases of a Transition

The KEI Exercise

Module 9 - How Your Mind Works and Pitfalls to Avoid

Module Introduction

What Are Stereotypes?

What Are Cognitive Biases?

Cognitive Biases to Pay Attention To

What is Prejudice and Discrimination?

Module 10: How to Integrate Into the New Country

Module Introduction

Learning a Blueprint to Transition Cultures Mindfully

Learn to OAR in 3 Steps

Learn to OAR in 3 Steps: Step 1 - Observe

Learn to OAR in 3 Steps: Step 2 - Act

Learn to OAR in 3 Steps: Step 3 - Reflect

Learn to OAR in 3 Steps: Assignment

Module 11: Take Control of Your Move Abroad

Module Introduction

Learn to Pace Yourself

It's Normal to Feel Overwhelmed

The Circles of Control

The Circles of Control - Exercise

How to Deal with the Overwhelm

Eye of the Hurracane Guided Meditation

Module 12: Live Call Recordings


How to Decide Where to Live Masterclass

Settling In Cheat Sheet

Strategize Your Language Learning Workshop

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Here's what clients say

This program was above and beyond what I'd expected. The specificity of the videos was very welcomed and I can hardly wait to get started on my preparations!

Mary B.

The Master Your Move course and the people in the course, help me focus my energies in a more positive way during the preparation time before my move. I don't want to think about what regrets I would have felt if I had not used the lessons gained from this class to so much meaning and satisfying closure before the move. This class turned what could have been a frightening, hectic time into a focused and purposeful transition. Thank you so much!

Cindy G.

Master Your Move offers a rich and engaging learning opportunity to help me work through the myriad emotional responses, changes, transitions, and experiences that will inevitably occur as I continue my journey. Moving abroad is an adventure and every adventure comes with thrills and chills. I believe having completed this course will help me avoid becoming an ex-pat failure statistic and instead, lead me toward an inspired and inspiring life experience. Thank you, Deborah, for creating this course, for your expertise, insights, guidance, and especially, your encouragement. I feel far more confident that this crazy idea is doable, achievable, and absolutely worth undertaking.

Cathy S.

The Master Your Move Program is an absolute must when moving abroad. I'm on the other side of my move, and I am so grateful that I found Deb and the program. The online curriculum is built very well and puts structure to every step in the move process. At first, I was hesitant about the value of the group calls because everyone is moving to different countries, but they were invaluable. It is important to share your successes, roadblocks, and emotions with people that are also going through the international move process. Friends and family are great support networks, but if they aren't moving, it just isn't the same. Also, meeting with Deb for 1:1s always got me back on track when I was stuck. If you're moving abroad, make Master Your Move one of your non-negotiables!

Allison O.

Deborah Dahab really put it all together! Moving abroad is a huge life change, and her course covers all aspects. It is brilliantly designed as it focuses on the practical as well as emotional aspects of such a move. She uses all of her life experiences of moving and puts it together with her wonderful knowledge and love of people. Yes, you can really tell that she cares too. I went from 75% panic about the move to about 20% just after the first group session! Not going to lie, I still have my moments, but using the practical approach and steps she teaches has helped me channel my energy into moving forward. I love the design, which has 3 distinct areas. The recorded modules are a wealth of info and provide thought-provoking ideas. The one-on-one calls work great to get the individual help needed. My favorite part is the group calls that incorporate info, as well as the ability to meet other people in different stages of moving. There is an awesome environment created of people all helping each other, giving and receiving support for this massive life change. I highly recommend this course.

Charles Wild


  • What happens if I miss a live group call?

No problem! All the live group calls are recorded so if you can't be there live, you can watch the recording.

  • I'm only moving in one year - is it too soon?

Not at all! I actually recommend starting the Master Your Move 12 to 6 months before the planned date to move. It will give you time to really do the work and connect with your peers, and make the process a lot smoother! During the enrollment call, we can talk about the best time for you to start.

  • How many people are in the live group calls?

This is a small group so everyone can participate and connect. Typically a live group call will have 8 to 12 people at a time.

  • What if I don't like the program?

Before enrolling, I personally talk to every person to make sure that there is a fit - and so far it has gone amazingly well! If you feel the program is not for you, you have 30 days to request the total refund of your payment - no questions asked.

  • Can my spouse/ partner and I join the group program together?

Of course! You can both be in the group - and in fact, I offer a special couples rate. 😉

  • What if I postpone my move?

That's actually quite common - timings can change for many different reasons! You will be always part of the private Facebook group.

You have access to the online lessons and 1-1 calls for 12 months. Even after the 12 live group calls are done, for a monthly fee, you have the option to continue joining us on the live group calls for as long as you want and cancel anytime.

About Me

Deborah Dahab

Expat Coach

I am an expat coach and intercultural psychologist.

Also, as a seasoned expat, I have lived, studied, and worked in 5 different countries on 3 continents.

My own experience, coupled with my observation of other people’s

experiences, motivated me to search for answers as to why we

sometimes fail when moving to a new culture, and more importantly how to increase the chances of success.

This quest led me to pursue a Master’s in Intercultural Psychology and complete a coaching certification at ICC (International Coaching Community). I am also a certified trainer and NLP Practitioner.

With these tools in hand, I've been helping expats and expats-to-be so they can overcome the challenges of moving and creating their best life abroad.